The Hong Kong Institute of Trade Mark Practitioners

What is the Institute?

The Institute was formed in 1988 with the aims of representing, and encouraging cooperation between, trade mark professionals working in Hong Kong, protecting the interests of trade mark owners, and to “maintain the dignity of an honourable profession” (to quote from the Memorandum of Association). The Institute also provides a forum to keep the legislature, Intellectual Property Department  of the Government of Hong Kong (“IPD”) and other bodies in Hong Kong informed of the views of trade mark practitioners.

Additionally, the Institute aims to help originate and promote improvements in trade mark law and practice and in intellectual property laws in general, and to be a conduit to disseminate information from the government and other bodies to its members and thence the profession as a whole.

The Institute also aims to improve the technical and general knowledge of companies and trade mark owners, and it has also been actively involved in training new members of the trade mark profession.

The Institute is governed by an elected Council, whose members hold regular formal meetings to discuss matters of professional interest.

The Institute currently has over 100 members who represent nearly every significant firm inHong Kong engaged in trade mark and other intellectual property work.

What does the Institute do?

The Institute has regular meetings with the IPD to exchange views and ideas on everyday practice, and to receive advance information about the plans of IPD e.g. in computerisation, presentation of seminars, new laws etc.

The regular IPD meetings are an invaluable means to exchange information and maintain a close working relationship with the Hong Kong Trade Mark Registry.  The Institute was asked, in conjunction with the Intellectual Property Committee of the Law Society and other bodies to comment on the draft intellectual property legislation which was enacted in June 1997 for patents, designs and copyright. It was also consulted on the current Trade Marks Ordinance which was passed in May 2000.

The Institute regularly circulates its members with information about meetings with the IPD, IPD Circulars on practice, details of seminars, and also welcomes comments from its members about intellectual property law and practice in Hong Kong. The Institute acts as a conduit and sounding board, and helps to air views of the professionals in Hong Kong who actually engage in hands-on trade mark and other intellectual property work.

The Institute has a unique representative role for trade mark professionals practising in Hong Kong. Enquiries about the Institute, or about intellectual property law in general are welcome. Please contact the Secretary, The Hong Kong Institute of Trade Mark Practitioners of 16/F., On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, Tel No.: (852) 2530 4082, Fax No.: (852) 2804 6745, Email: For membership enquiries please contact the Membership Secretary, Email: