2015Response to Review of fees and charges of the Intellectual Property Department 6 March 2015
2015Proposed Application of the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement 11 Feb 2015
2015Submission on the proposed Copyright Tribunal rules Feb 2015
2013Public Consultation on the Treatment of Parody under the Copyright Regime 15 November 2013
2013Consultation on Regulation of Patent Agency Services 31 May 2013
2012Reform Submissions Dec 2011
2010Submissions on Companies (Amendment ) Bill sent in August 2010
2009Submissions regarding the Copyright Tribunal Rules sent out in October 2009
2009Hong Kong Short Term Patents - Consultation on Proposed Administrative Measures submissions filed on 30 April 2009.
2009Consultation Paper on Copyright Tribunal Rules
2009Proposed Issuance of Reminders by IPD.
2008"Preliminary Proposals for Strengthening Copyright Protection in the Digital Environment".
2008Consultation on the Rewrite of the Companies Ordinance (Company Names, Directors Duties, Corporate Directorship and Registration of Charges) - comments submitted to the Companies Bill Team, Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau on 30 June 2008.
2008 "Consultation Paper on the Provision of Additional Exemptions on Circumvention of Technological Measures". - submitted to the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau on 6 Feb 2008.
2008Trade Descriptions (Amendment) Bill 2007 - comments submitted to the Legislative Council secretariat on 6 Feb 2008.
2008Trade Descriptions (Amendment) Bill 2007 - comments submitted to Commerce and Economic Development Bureau on 18 Jan 2008
2007Possible Amendments to the Copyright Ordinance - comments submitted to the Commerce, Industry & Technology Bureau on 25 April 2007
2000Submission on Consultation paper on the review on Administration and Assignment of Internet Domain Names and Internet Protocol("The Consultation Paper")
2000Comments on second draft of Trade Mark Rules
1999Written Submissions of the Trade Marks Bill
1999Submission on the Second Draft of Trade Mark Rules
1998Submission on Extension of Time Practice
1998Submission by Patent Sub-Committee on Draft Patents Bill
1998Comments and questions on the new patent and design system
1997Letter to IPD on Prevention of Copyright Privacy Bill
1997Responses to issues raised by IP Department at a meeting (13 March 97)
1997Draft Trade Mark Bill for Consultation
1997Report of Trade Mark Sub-committee on Draft Trade Mark Bill
1996Position Paper on Madrid Protocol
1996Submission by Designs Sub-Committee and Notes of Discussions on Registered Designs Bill
1996Submission by Copyright Sub-Committee on Draft Copyright Bill
1990Comments on GATT paper
1989Submission by Trade mark Sub-Committee on Trade Mark (Amendment) Bill